All Aboard for the Eastward Release Date!

Hey everyone!

Today we’re thrilled to announce the news we know you’ve all been waiting for… Eastward is coming to PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch on Thursday September 16th – and you can pre-purchase it on Steam and Nintendo Switch for 10% off RIGHT NOW! Please note the 10% off is only available for pre-purchases, not after launch, so grab it while it’s hot!

The release date was just announced via Nintendo’s Indie World showcase – you can check out the heart-thumping new trailer right here (ooft still gives us chills):

We hope the video gives you a little taster of Eastward’s darker mysteries that are yet to reveal themselves…

Eastward will be available for $24.99 / £21.99 / 24.99eu (as well as other regional variations) and playable in English, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Eastward is a big game for an indie (approx 30 hours) with a rather sizeable amount of words, so we’ll be considering future languages for localisation based on post-release demand.

Welcome to the charming world of Eastward – population declining! Journey through a society on the brink of collapse. Discover delightful towns, strange creatures and even stranger people! Wield a trusty frying pan and mystic powers on an adventure into the unknown…Coming Soon

We also wanted to add that it was wonderful to see all of your lovely comments recently when we released the IGN Gameplay Preview. Thanks to your feedback, the development team at Pixpil have been looking into extra menu options for text sound effects (including a ‘simplified’ version for folks who don’t like the retro text SFX), text volume controls and a clearer prompt for quick switching between weapons.

That’s it for now. As we approach Eastward’s launch, are there any other nuggets of information you would like to know? Tweet us or chitchat to us on Discord. In our next blog we’ll be chatting to Eastward’s composer Joel Corelitz and giving you all a little preview of some fresh Eastward tunes.

If you’re a streamer and keen to get early access to keys when they’re available you can request access by filling in our Content Creator form. You’ll also find answers and basic info about the game in our handy FAQ.

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