Eastward: Octopia DLC is out now!

Hey, everyone!

We’re excited to bring you some big (and heartwarming) news today!
Get ready to trade swords (or may we say rusty pans?) for shovels and embark on a tranquil world of rural life, fishing, and culinary magic in Octopia, the brand-new DLC for Eastward, landing on Steam and Nintendo Switch TODAY at  $5.99 / £4.99 / €5.89 / 700円 / ¥22 CNY.

🌏 Playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

“I haven’t played Eastward! Do I have to play the base game to get the most out of the DLC?”

Eastward: Octopia takes place in a parallel universe, so there’s no need to have finished (or even started) Eastward’s base game story to enjoy the simple life – you can even play it straight from the menu. However, please note that a copy of Eastward is required to access the DLC.

Also, you can grab 40% OFF on Eastward & 15% OFF on the brand-new DLC for a limited time (Jan 31st – Feb 14th). 

Lead a peaceful new life: Help Sam and John cultivate a life free from worries. Say goodbye to the chaos of the outside world and immerse yourself in a countryside haven.
🌾 Revitalise the farmstead: Roll up your sleeves and breathe life back into a neglected cottage and its lands. Grow crops, rear (and pet!) adorable animals, forage in the wetlands, wind down with some fishing, and even strike up a conversation with a friendly ghost.

💗 Build a thriving community: Construct and upgrade stores and homes to transform Octopia into a bustling community. Complete culinary requests to attract more familiar faces to the area — some might decide to make Octopia their permanent home!

🍳 Culinary Delights: Utilise farm-fresh ingredients and John’s Cookbook to whip up delicious recipes. Invite your neighbours to dinner to share your culinary creations and build connections over the universal language of good food.

Want more? How about some super-duper-exclusive merch? 🤩
You might love the ‘Eastward: Design Works’ collection, including music, prints, and a stunning 250-page masterpiece of an artbook, all created in collaboration with our pals from Lost in Cult. There are 3 different editions to choose from (one of them includes stunning vinyl and cassettes with the soundtrack you already know and love). Check the Lost in Cult website to grab yours before Feb 14th!

We’re beyond excited for you to embrace the simplicity and joy that await in Eastward: Octopia. Thanks to each of you who supported and got excited about this new project with Pixpil!

So, gather your virtual gardening tools, sharpen those fishing rods, and let’s dive into a world where happiness blooms like pixelated flowers. 🌱🎣🍲✨ We hope you have a blast!