Introducing Loco Motive!

Grab Your Ticket. The Comedy Murder Mystery, Loco Motive is Gathering Steam

Introducing our first new game in three years, the comedy murder mystery from our buddies at Robust Games, Loco Motive! Inspired by point-and-click games of yore, this is the studio’s debut title, aiming for a Summer 2022 release on PC and Nintendo Switch. For now, be sure to wishlist the game on Steam now!

Check out this awesome announcement trailer as featured in Nintendo’s Indie World showcase:

Whassit about?

Set aboard a lavish 1930’s express train, Loco Motive follows three larger-than-life characters: a trusty lawyer⚖, an amateur detective🕵🏽‍♂️ and a suave super secret agent🍸, as they gather clues to solve the ominous murder of Lady Unterwald and prove their innocence.


  • Inspired by comedy point-and-click adventures of the past
  • Solve item-based puzzles, that are satisfying without being frustrating
  • Meet a cast of intriguing and suspicious characters, all fully voiced!
  • Choose from two control options – take direct character control, or opt for a classic point and click experience
  • Beautifully detailed pixel art animation
  • Need a little nudge in the right direction? Telephone for assistance with an in-game hint call-line!
  • With music from composer Paul Zimmerman (Space Haven, Cave Blazers)

Who are Robust Games?

Our mates at Robust Games, Adam and Joseph, skipped past the usual sibling rivalry and founded Robust Games in Early 2021. Loco Motive is their debut title. The title begans as an ambitious game jam project inspired by point-and-click games they loved as kids. Seeing the beautiful pixel art and humorous dialogue, we couldn’t wait to collaborate with them to further develop this homage to an unsung genre in gaming history. With their collective experience (Adam was an Artist at Chucklefish, working on titles such as Starbound and Wargroove, and Joseph was a Lead Software Developer for 5+ years), we know Loco Motive is in good hands.

How can I find out more?

If you’re hungry for more, be sure to follow Robust Games on Twitter and as always check us out on Twitter for the latest information on Loco Motive development. We’d also appreciate it if you wishlist Loco Motive on Steam, it really helps us!