Starmancer launches in less than a week!

With less than a week to go until the exciting launch of Starmancer, we wanted to answer some frequently asked questions. I’m Hassan, newly appointed Community and Social Media Manager at Chucklefish. Now, let’s get started! Where can I buy Starmancer and for how much?Starmancer will launch on August 5th here on Steam at £16.99/€19.99/$19.99 or your regional equivalent. Will Starmancer be localised in <insert language here>?For Early Access, we’re sticking with English for quicker and more flexible build updates. We’re keen to offer more language options so please let us know what languages you’d like to see Starmancer in […]

Starmancer coming this August!

We’re absolutely over the moon to announce that Starmancer will launch into Early Access on Steam and the Microsoft Store Thursday 5th August! The team at Ominux Games have been working to bring Starmancer to Early Access for just over 6 years! Early Access gives the development team the freedom to create, balance and tweak new features using a wider net of community feedback whilst ensuring those new to the game are never alienated 👽  True to the sim genre, Starmancer has been receiving regular updates and new features since the closed beta started, and will continue to develop and […]

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Happy 10th Anniversary! I just cannot believe we are 10 today. It’s been such an amazing journey and I could not be more proud of what we’ve achieved! Starting as a group of ambitious and driven individuals we’ve created a new universe in Starbound, conquered armies in Wargroove and went on many adventures with many others: Halfway INMOST Interstellaria Pathway Pocket Rumble Risk of Rain Stardew Valley Timespinner Treasure Adventure World Wanderlust Adventures Wanderlust Rebirth We’ve grown as a team, building up our values, our policies and creating a work environment where we embrace and cherish all people. I wish […]

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