Play Unreleased Chucklefish Games at PAX East 2023!

Join us in Boston for our first ever PAX East, AND the first ever public demo of Wargroove 2, announced just last week! This PAX East 2023 we’ll be bringing with us the following playable demos of our latest and greatest games: Wargroove 2 Teaming up with our friends at Robotality, we’ll be bringing you an all-new Wargroove adventure, easy to jump into for new recruits & veteran wardogs alike. Wage war against your foes with a cast of new Commanders and utilise their new tiered ‘groove’ ability system to sway the fight in your favour. Design and share maps, […]

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Starmancer’s ‘The Wilderness’ Content Update is Out Now!

Starmancer’s biggest update yet, The Wilderness, is available now on Steam! The Wilderness Awaits! Leave the comforts of your space station to loot asteroids and derelict ships across the galaxy. Hunt for resources, take on territorial monsters, and avoid alien… probing?! Advance your ship using your newfound space booty and experiment with forbidden technologies. You might even adopt a wandering Space Colonist – but be careful, you never know who or what you might encounter… The development team at Ominux Games have also been working hard to rebalance many of Starmancer’s core mechanics: Morale, Tech Tree, Item Prices, Object Prices, […]

Announcing Wargroove 2 ⚔️ Coming to PC & Switch 2023

Today we are extremely excited to announce that we’ve been working in collaboration with the team at Robotality (creators of Pathway and Halfway) to bring you the much-anticipated Wargroove 2! The extremely talented, strategy game veterans at Robotality have been not-so quietly working away to bring you an all-new kickass Wargroove experience. So get your sword and shield ready for the return of the series’ signature turn-based strategy gameplay, filled with new mechanics and modes to master, an exciting all-new campaign to discover, and a lovable cast of new Commanders to try out on the battlefield. Without further ado… check […]