Wanderlust Adventures Hype!

Note: This is a guest post from Yeti Trunk– developers of Wanderlust: Rebirth and Wanderlust Adventures! Occasionally developers of games we publish use this space for big exciting news. ūüôā We posted a¬†humongous¬†update on our blog because WE HAVE BEEN BUSY! Action Combat¬†+ Open World Adventuring + Online Co-op = Wanderlust Adventures! In this update we¬†discuss… The trailer… “We spent a good week working closely with Power Up Audio and Chris Christodoulou to produce our reveal trailer for WA. We are super excited with the trailer and we feel it does a great job of summarizing the WA experience! It […]

Starbound health check

Hi guys So it’s no secret that a bunch of early access projects have run into trouble lately. From running out of money to ceasing development for political reasons. It’s not the best time to be a part of the early access party and it’s easy to see why people are worried about the health of the Starbound project. I wanted in no uncertain terms to assure everyone that there’s no chance of Starbound going that way. Not only is the development of Starbound extremely healthy. (More so than it’s ever been in fact, with more team members than ever […]

Wayward Tide:‚Äč Tools Developer

Hey there!¬†We’re looking for an experienced Engineer to join our Wayward Tide team. ūüôā The role will suit a programmer who is looking to increase their skills in game development or functional programming. Your main responsibility will be developing tools which will be used by our designers. You may also be involved in puzzle design, engine development in Haskell, or algorithm design for procedural generation. You are encouraged to contribute in other ways as your skills allow. We are looking for someone who feels passionate about delivering software, and has a love of making (and playing!) games. A strong ability […]