Treasure Adventure World OST Now Available!

The complete soundtrack for Treasure Adventure World is now available for streaming/download on BandCamp. Robert Ellis has created the perfect soundtrack for an epic adventure game like TAW. He has re-mixed and re-mastered all the tracks he originally composed for Treasure Adventure Game, and wrote brand new songs as well. But don’t take my word for it – go listen for yourself, and take yourself on an auditory adventure. You can download one track, Of Mice and Monkeys, for free! Or buy all thirty-three tracks – over an hour of music – for just $5 and support development of the game.

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Introducing POCKET RUMBLE by Cardboard Robot Games!

Pocket Rumble by Cardboard Robot Games is a 2D fighting game taking inspiration from retro 2D fighters– in particular, the SNK fighters for the Neo Geo Pocket. However, Pocket Rumble aims to make fighting games more accessible by reducing the level of execution and memorization necessary to retain core 2D fighter mechanics and gameplay elements. This does two cool things: it creates a level playing field for fighting game veterans to focus on strategy and reading their opponents, and it also opens up the genre to new players who may have found other fighting games overwhelming.   This accessibility is […]

Job Openings @ Heart Forth, Alicia

Alonso Martin is looking for a few talented artists to work on Heart Forth, Alicia! Heart Forth, Alicia’s 32-bit/Playstation era art style is already well-established, so we need an artist with the ability to emulate the existing sprite style and animations. Creativity and input are welcome, and we have no problem with our artist flexing the style a bit and coming up with their own designs. We’ve got openings for the following roles: Environment Artist / Spriter experienced pixel artist paid contract remote work minimum 5 years experience in similar role ability to match HFA’s existing style job includes 5 or 6 […]