Announcing Wildfrost coming to iOS and Android!

You asked, we listened! Wildfrost will be coming to iOS and Android April 11th for all your iddy biddy Big Berry needs. Now, you can chase the W from wherever you are, and you don’t have to pause just because you left the house! As of midnight local time, you’ll be able to pre-order Wildfrost on the iOS App Store so that the game automatically downloads to your device on launch day. We’re trying out a cool ‘try before you buy’ model, which means you can play up until you beat the first boss for free – sort of like […]

Eastward: Octopia DLC is out now!

Hey, everyone! We’re excited to bring you some big (and heartwarming) news today! Get ready to trade swords (or may we say rusty pans?) for shovels and embark on a tranquil world of rural life, fishing, and culinary magic in Octopia, the brand-new DLC for Eastward, landing on Steam and Nintendo Switch TODAY at  $5.99 / £4.99 / €5.89 / 700円 / ¥22 CNY. 🌏 Playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). — “I haven’t played Eastward! Do I have to play the base game to get the most out of the DLC?” Eastward: Octopia […]

Eastward: Octopia DLC is coming January 31st 2024

Discover a peaceful new life in the countryside… Hi everyone! Gather ’round because we’ve got some delightful news that will warm your hearts! 💛 Sam and John, are back in the brand-new Eastward: Octopia DLC landing on Steam and Nintendo Switch on Jan 31st at $5.99 / £4.99 / €5.89 / 700円 / ¥22 CNY.  We’re thrilled to share the news and a brand new trailer in collaboration with Wholesome Snack: The Game Awards Edition! Get ready to embrace the simple joys of life as you join Sam and John in this cosy and peaceful spinoff. No miasma, no hardships […]