Play Pathway *free* on Epic Game Store

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Robotality has partnered with Epic Game Store! From 18th until 25th June you’ll be able to play Pathway for *free*

If you’ve had the misfortune of not knowing about Pathway up to now, it’s a turn-based strategy RPG which utilizes pixel/voxel hybrid technology to enhance the gorgeously detailed pixel art with depth, lighting and shadows – the effect is stunning. With dynamically generated campaigns and branching choices, players will experience a remarkable adventure each time they play.


THE YEAR IS 1936 …

It is a time of global unrest as German military influence is spreading throughout Europe and the Middle East. Rumors of frantic excavations, strange artifacts, and ghastly occult rituals have begun to surface across secret communication channels.


Morten has been kidnapped! It seems the Nazis have captured him for interfering with their occult research. We have to rescue him before it’s too late! And afterwards, well… who knows what other adventures await?

Robotality previously developed Halfway, their future themed turn-based RPG released in 2014. This follow up project applies many lessons learned while making that game. Their custom built technology and tools really help elevate Pathway’s gameplay to a whole new level!

You can learn more about Pathway on Robotality’s twitter, their development blog, the game’s website, or talk to the devs directly through Discord