Set sail for Wayward Tide!

We’re incredibly excited to announce the latest in-house development at Chucklefish:


Wayward Tide is a co-operative top-down action adventure game, taking place in a treacherous archipelago during the golden age of piracy. You and up to three other friends will find yourselves in a bustling sea-town, ready to swash-buckle your way through five mysterious islands, of ever increasing riches (and difficulty). You’ll battle dangerous enemies, hoard treasures, solve fiendish puzzles and avoid deadly traps… or maybe you’ll backstab your crew to get ahead!


One of the key features we’re focusing on is the nature of the puzzles and traps, which will introduce a competitive edge to the co-op experience. For instance, you and your friends might find yourself dealing with a pressure plate trap.

The solution would involve everyone stepping off at the same time. Stepping off too early will unhelpfully drop a boulder on your friend. We’re currently planning on a way to resurrect co-op players from time to time, so it’s not game over if a few of you get killed along the way.

Be warned, however – Death comes at a price. If all players die, they’ll find themselves washed up at the starting town. The treasure will carry over, allowing them to upgrade in the town stores, but the next attempt at the island will be a different experience thanks to the randomly generated levels.

Planned Features: 

  • 1-4 Player Support (Local and Online Co-op)
  • Competitive Co-op Experience
  • Randomly Generated levels
  • Five distinct islands with their own theme, enemies, puzzles and traps
  • Modding Support


The Team: 

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re a dedicated team at Chucklefish – Working independently from the Starbound team.


SamuriFerret– Artist |  Palf – Coder | Rosie – Producer | Supernorn – Artist


Community and Modding: 

We’re still very early in development, and there are a lot of decisions yet to be made. The vibrant community of Starbound has been a great success, and that’s partly due to the modding scene. We want to encourage the same with this game, so the current plan is to make our development toolset available shortly after the game is released.

We’ll be looking to the community to tell us what they want to see, so get in touch via this blog, or alternatively on Twitter (@waywardtide).