Stardew Valley iOS is here!

Hello farmers! As of today, Stardew Valley is now officially available on the iOS App Store. That means you can settle into your new relaxing life in the countryside, anywhere you go. Download it right here!

We’ve also made a new full trailer to celebrate the launch:

Here’s a quick FAQ for some of your burning questions we’ve seen online:

    • How much is it?
      £7.99 / $7.99 / 8,99 € – check the App Store for more regional prices. Please note, prices are tiered on the App Store, so we are unable to adjust regions individually.

    • But Android when?!
      It’s next on the list! We can’t estimate an exact release window at this point, but Android development is going well and we’re excited to provide more news as soon as we can.

    • Does the Mobile version include the full game?
      Yes! The iOS version is up to date with all singe player content currently available on PC. The Mobile version of the game features new UI, menu systems and controls, custom made for farming on the go.

    • Does it support the Multiplayer update?
      Stardew Valley on iOS does not currently feature multiplayer functionality, however it does include all single player content from the recent 1.3 update, including the new Night Market and other events. We will look into the feasibility of Multiplayer integration after the Android, but we can’t make any promises at this point.

    • Does it include any new or exclusive story content?
      Stardew Valley for iOS has been made with the principle of maintaining the same player experience regardless of the platform fans choose to play on. We plan to update the Mobile versions with any future new content which comes to PC or console platforms.

    • Can I transfer my save data from PC farm to continue playing on iOS?
      Yes! PC, Mac and Linux players will be able to transfer Stardew Valley save files to the iOS version via iTunes. The Official Stardew Valley wiki has instructions to walk players through. As always, make sure to back-up your save data before transferring between platforms. Saves which use mods may have compatibility issues.

    • How about iCloud support or virtual joystick controls?
      We can’t make any promises yet, but we’d like to include both in a future update.

    • Has ConcernedApe been directly involved?
      Absolutely! ConcernedApe has been involved since the early days of the project, providing feedback and has helped create new UI to suit the Mobile platform.

    • Who is the Mobile developer?
      The iOS version has been created by our friends at London-based mobile games studio, The Secret Police. We at Chucklefish have been working closely with them each step of the way.