Starmancer Launches in Early Access, today!

Think you could manage a fledgling space colony as a powerful A.I? Starmancer is out now in Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux on Steam, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass for PC, GOG and Humble Store.

As fans of causing chaos, the wonderful team at Ominux Games have been working hard to develop a colony sim where you decide the fate of your colonists. With a volatile space station to manage and the threat of hostile forces, you’ll need to do what it takes to ensure survival or face the consequences…

What to expect:

  • In space, nobody can hear you build🔨 – An empty canvas, your space station is begging to be customised. Build vital, functional devices and express yourself with fancy furniture while ensuring power, oxygen and water are in plentiful supply. Now you can design your dream space kitchen or bedroom!
  • Coloniser, coloniser, oh, you’re a coloniser🎶 – With humanity at the brink of extinction, human beings are made in less…conventional ways. Use an incubator to grow your unique colonists and put them to work. Between their winning personalities, relationships, and memories, colonists can become quite the handful. Satisfy their needs or make them disappear, we’ll leave that choice to you.
  • That’s over, you’re cancelled🙅🏽‍♀️ – Actions have consequences and Starmancer is no different. Unhappy colonists won’t sit idly by and may eventually rebel against you, organising a mutiny. With the threat of invasion from otherworldly creatures, you may not want to make more enemies. Under stress, colonists may also snap and become crazy. Who knows what they’ll do then? (We do. It’s not pretty).

The team are excitedly squirrelling away on Starmancer and with your feedback and suggestions, hope to continue growing and improving the game. As always, thank you for your continued support and we can’t wait to see what you build.
To keep updated with Starmancer be sure to follow the team on Twitter, check out the official Discord channel and the game’s dev blog.