The Chucklefish Steam Summer Sale is here!

Summer is here, and so are those ever-so-tasty Steam sales!
We’ve got plenty of awesome Chucklefish games on offer, so get ready to dive in:

For the Summer Sale, Steam are also running a fun interactive event called the Grand Prix. Steam users can choose a team, and then play participating games to complete special sale event quests, bagging themselves rewards and helping the team in the race. Both Wargroove and Starbound are participating in the Grand Prix event, with the following special quests:

Wargroove Steam Quests:

  • Win an Online Quick Play match
  • Use a Groove with any Commander
  • Defeat an enemy unit
  • Win a match in Arcade mode
  • Recruit a unit

Starbound Steam Quests:

  • Drink a soda
  • Complete a generated quest
  • Kill a rare monster
  • Capture a criminal

The Steam Summer sale runs until July 9th, so make sure you nab a discount while you can. We hope you have fun with the quests and enjoy the Summer Sale! 😎