Treasure Adventure World now playable in Russian & German!

Ahoy there explorers!

Get ready to set sail for adventure, with a paper hat on your head and a magical shrinking boat in your pocket, with Treasure Adventure World – now playable in Russian and German on Steam!


Treasure Adventure World is the charming platformer follow-up to Robit Games’ award-winning original, Treasure Adventure Game. Packed with multiple endings, an 18+ hour story and a new game+ mode to unlock, there’s a whole world to explore out there!

It’s available for only £6.99 / 7,99€ / $9.99.


If you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, here’s what some of the press had to say…

“Treasure Adventure World is a game that you shouldn’t pass on, it’s the better version of one of my favorite indie games of all time, and it’s just a heartwarming game throughout.” – 8/10, Bonus Stage

“If you like Metroidvanias then you can’t go wrong with Treasure Adventure World. Behind this cute facade lies a deeply enjoyable game. In true metroidvania fashion you go from feeling in awe of the world to feeling amazed at your advanced abilities.” – 4/5, Cliqist

Make sure to check out developer Stephen Orlando’s full blog post on the update, and join us on the official Treasure Adventure World Discord!

Grab your dusty, old treasure map and join Peep and Wydah’s on the high seas, in Treasure Adventure World on Steam – available NOW.