Wanderlust Adventures Hype!

Note: This is a guest post from Yeti Trunk– developers of Wanderlust: Rebirth and Wanderlust Adventures! Occasionally developers of games we publish use this space for big exciting news. ūüôā

We posted a humongous update on our blog because WE HAVE BEEN BUSY!

Action Combat + Open World Adventuring + Online Co-op = Wanderlust Adventures!

In this update we¬†discuss…

  • The trailer…

“We spent a good week working closely with Power Up Audio and Chris Christodoulou to produce our reveal trailer for WA. We are super excited with the trailer and we feel it does a great job of summarizing the WA experience! It also shows off a variety of areas, sounds, enemies, and features that are explained in more detail below. If you enjoy the trailer, please feel free to help us spread the word!”

  • The release of the Official Soundtrack… [Wanderlust Adventures by Chris Christodoulou]
  • Plus a host of other added features such as¬†The Arena, Gamepad Support, Mini Bosses, Steam Networking, Death Penalties, and MORE!




 ~ Yeti Trunk