Wildfrost Dev Update: 2023 Release with Cool New Features

Hey everybody,

First of all, we would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who downloaded, played, streamed, and shared their feedback for Wildfrost’s Steam Next Fest demo! The support from players has been so incredible, and we’re working on making the game the coolest it can be for launch.

Until then, we wanted to let you know what we’ve been working on since, and how your feedback has helped shape the game:

Sneak peek at a snobun

Hard Mode?

We recognise that the demo difficulty wasn’t for everyone, so we’ve taken it down a notch for people who want to enjoy their time frolicking up the mountains, and we will be adding challenge modes for those of you looking for interesting ways to make things more s̾p̾i̾c̾y̾.

The Woolly Snail Shop

Lots of players pointed out that they had accidentally purchased the crown when attempting to inspect it. This is now changed, so you should be able to view items in the shop without spending your hard-earned blings!

Snow Immunity Changes

Snow immunity is now snow resistance. Bosses and minibosses will no longer be completely immune to snow, but instead, they’ll have a 1-turn resistance timer meaning that multipliers of snow do not work, but you can still snow them.

‘Resist Snow’ Icon is currently still a work in progress!

Daily Runs

Exactly what it says on the tin; we’ve introduced a fixed set of cards and enemies for everyone to tackle. A new challenge every day will be available every day for you to battle your way up those leaderboards.

Player statistics

Player stats coming! 

More Map Events 

In addition to the Treasure Chests, Blingsnail Caves, The Woolly Snail shop, frozen travellers, and charm gashapons you came across in the demo version, you’ll also find more treasure and quirky strangers with too-good-to-refuse offers along the route in the full game!

Boss Rewards

After each boss battle you’ll get to pick from an array of perks such as +1 companion on the field or -1 to the redraw bell counter, to bolster your deck and increase your chances of taking down the enemies that await.

Release Window
We’re still implementing ideas, balance testing, and playing with new features, new cards, and more fun ways to play, so please bear with us as we make these tweaks ready for launch. 

With that being said, we want to update everybody to let you know that we’ve made the decision to push the release to early 2023 (still Winter!) so that we can bring you these new features. Our goal is always to make the coolest game we can, and we’ve been able to make the next steps towards that goal thanks to everyone who gave feedback. 

Now for some fun stats! 

  • The most popular companion pick was Big Berry, however, Naked Gnome gets a special mention as over 85% of you kept him around after sparing him
  • The least popular companion pick was Blunky *whomp whomp*. Maybe some of you will adopt him in the full game
  • The most popular clunker by a large margin was the Mobile Campfire – not just picked the most, but also had the highest win rate 
  • Players found the Spice Monkeys the most difficult to overcome and the Snowbos the easiest to defeat

That about wraps it up! If you enjoyed the demo, and want to find out more about Wildfrost before launch, come chat with us on Twitter or on the official Discord! There you’ll find teasers for new card designs, can see what we’re working on, and chat about cheese 🧀. Finally, be sure to wishlist the game for a notification when the full game drops.

Stay frosty!