Share your game with us


As well as developing our own IPs, we support indie developers with a dream to bring their own games to players who will love them! 

We’ve had the privilege of working with a number of passionately developed titles made by small teams such as Eastward by Pixpil, ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley and the upcoming Loco Motive by Robust Games.

We’re developers too, and understand the challenges of making a game. We strongly believe in every project we support and connect with creators with a clear vision who could use a helping hand to develop their game.

We’re a small team who work with a very limited number of games at a time so we can give each game we sign the time and attention it needs to find its audience. In addition to working hard to support each game we sign, we work to equip developers with skills and resources to achieve success and independence!

We’ve put together a blog post detailing some tips and suggestions for pitching to us – or any other publisher! Feel free to review that before sending your materials to get a better idea of what publishers look for in these types of pitches.

What we like to see

  • Titles that have gone beyond the idea stage
  • Developers who are excited about what they’re making
  • Charming visuals
  • Enjoyable gameplay (Don’t worry about bugs!)

Links you can share

  • Link to a pitch document (example)
  • Links to Steam Pages, Kickstarter,
  • Youtube Links
  • Demo download link or a Steam key