Announcing Octopia – a new farming DLC, coming to Eastward!

Hi everyone!

I bet you didn’t see that coming 👩‍🌾🌾♨

Today we’re super excited to announce that Sam and John will be returning in an all-new adventure, coming to the wonderful world of Eastward. Octopia is the start of their peaceful new life in the countryside – no miasma, no hardships, just happy times and delicious meals.

Octopia will be a paid DLC, Eastward will be going on sale soon on its deepest discount yet for 50% off on both Nintendo Switch and Steam next week – so keep your eyes peeled on our social media for news when the sale period starts!

(Psst, haven’t finished playing Eastward yet? Don’t worry the Eastward: Octopia DLC will be accessible straight from Eastward’s start menu, and suitable for brand new players and Eastward completionists alike.)

Check out the all new Octopia announcement trailer here!

In a parallel world, Sam and John alight from their train at a remote station in a mountainside village, ready to start their lives anew. The duo decide to spend all of their savings on a rundown farm cottage, desperately in need of some TLC. All the best things in life come with a little hard work and elbow grease! 

In Eastward: Octopia, you’ll help Sam and John to work the land, tend to their blimpigs, and cook heartwarming meals for familiar – yet strangely different – friends. Upgrade your farmstead, grow crops, forage in the wetlands, get advice from friendly ghosts, and spend your nights casting your line in the local fishing holes. 

When Sam and John first arrive the town of Seagull looks a little … neglected? But don’t worry, you can revitalise the community by helping to construct homes for new neighbours, upgrade stores and encourage even more familiar faces to flock to the area with the help of your farm-fresh ingredients and cooking prowess. 

But even in these quiet lands, there are secrets still waiting to be discovered…
 Crops, ghosts and blimpigs oh my!

Help bring the best out of the town!

This is a sizable DLC for Eastward, with a brand new story and an all-new farming game mode. You will need the Eastward base game in order to access the Eastward: Octopia DLC. It will be playable in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

🌾 Is the Octopia DLC a brand new game mode?

Yes! Unlike Sam and John’s post-apocalyptic adventure filled with fighting off monsters and tricky puzzles, Octopia will show a slice of a peaceful new life in the countryside – no miasma, no hardships, just happy times and delicious meals.

🐣 What is the connection between Octopia and the world of Eastward?

Octopia’s story takes place in a parallel world, completely different from the main game. There’s no miasma or dangerous mutant creatures 👾 here – instead, an abandoned farm awaits John and Sam to start their life anew. Familiar and different companions from Eastward will visit with new ideals and goals, working together to help the town thrive!

⏰ How long is the content of the DLC expected to be?

We estimate that it will take at least 15 to 20 hours to complete the main content, but the actual duration depends on your playing habits – many players may spend more time studying recipes to make all kinds of dishes 🍛, getting to know characters, enjoying their time with companions, mastering the art of fishing 🎣 or blasting away in the mining mini game. Octopia also has its own secrets to share…

🌱 When is the DLC expected to be released?

Octopia will release on Steam and Nintendo Switch this Winter. The bulk of the development is complete, and the studio is continuing to polish, fix bugs 🛠 and optimise the experience. We hope to share the specific release date as soon as possible!

The development team at Pixpil have been secretly working on Octopia since Eastward launched nearly 2 years ago today, so we’re incredibly excited to see what you all think! We’re currently aiming to launch the DLC on Steam and Nintendo Switch this Winter – more news on that as the final stages of development progress.

Until next time!