Hi everyone! Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating the Year of the Ox! Now the development team is back from the holidays, let’s kickstart the first Eastward dev blog of 2021 by sharing some tasty info about one of my personal favourite gameplay mechanics in Eastward – cooking! You’ve probably already spotted that our silent protagonist John often wields his trusty frying pan to fend off all sorts of monsters, but did you know he can also whip up a mean bowl of Fruit Salad? (Yummy, yummy.) The world of Eastward is full of fantastical ingredients, conveniently-placed gas hobs, big […]

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Hello and welcome! Whether you’re a hobbyist tinkering with a game idea in your free time or an experienced developer whose decided to work on their own IP, if you’re planning on approaching a publisher, we’ve developed this guide to help. We’ve seen a lot of pitches in our time in the indie publishing scene, and we often see pitches that don’t show what the developers are aiming for in the best way they can. Your Pitch should be the conversation starter needed to grab a Publisher’s attention. Nothing is going to sell your game as well as the game […]

Year-end Development Update

Hey folks, let’s talk about publishing in 2020! First of all, oof, what a year. 2020 has thrown so many curveballs and challenges… but we’ve almost made it through! Development and publishing during a global pandemic has certainly been interesting. This moment has impacted everyone, no matter how large the project or how small the company; everybody has had to overcome challenges both personally and professionally. That being said, we’re very lucky to have a supportive and understanding community. But it’s not all doom n’ gloom, and is why we want to take the time to recognise the sheer amount […]