Starmancer at E3 2019!

Hello everyone! We’re excited to share that Starmancer, developed by Ominux Games, was featured today at today’s E3 2019 PC Gamer Show where a new trailer was shared! Take a look After a catastrophe on Earth, humanity launches the Starmancer Initiative in a desperate attempt to seek refuge among the stars. Millions of refugees upload their consciousness into your memory banks–entrusting their minds and the future of the human race to an Artificial Intelligence, a Starmancer. To you. Your task as a Starmancer is to construct and manage a space station capable of sustaining human life, regrow bodies for the […]

Timespinner comes to Nintendo Switch & Xbox One!

Update: Timespinner is available for sale now! Switch Xbox Hi everyone! E3 2019 may be on the horizon, but we’re sneaking in with an exciting game announcement for you today… Beautiful time-travelling action platformer Timespinner by Lunar Ray Games is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One! You wait be waiting long either… Timespinner will be releasing next week, on June 4th! If you haven’t played Timespinner already, you’ve got a beautiful story-driven adventure to look forward to! You’ll follow the journey of Lunais, a head-strong young timekeeper, on her quest for revenge against the empire that killed her family. By […]

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Now Hiring – Personal Assistant

As Chucklefish continues to expand and it’s needs continue to grow we find our time becoming increasingly valuable. The role of personal assistant is one that allows our developer and publishing staff to focus on their work without distraction.