📺 LIVE NOW: Join the Eastward: Octopia charity livestream with Lomadiah!

#PlayforPlates supporting FoodCycle; featuring giveaways, donation rewards, and a very special Eastward diorama auction!   Hey, everyone! 👋 Over on Twitch RIGHT NOW we’re running a charity livestream for ‘Eastward: Octopia’, supporting FoodCycle 🧡 On April 18th at 14:00-19:00 BST time, we’re teaming up with the amazing Hannah Rutherford, aka Lomadiah, on her Twitch channel for the “Play for Plates” fundraiser! Check out the Tiltify fundraising page to get involved. What’s ‘Play for Plates’? With Eastward’s new DLC seeing John and Sam embracing a peaceful new life in the countryside, what better timing than to team-up to raise funds for […]

WILDFROST MOBILE OUT NOW! + 1st Anniversary, Roadmap Update, Teaser & Vinyl Announcement!

Hey frost fans! It’s been an entire year since we released Wildfrost on PC and Switch, and what a wild year it’s been! Since launch we’ve pushed 37 updates, including gameplay patches, extra content and hotfixes, and have no intention of stopping just yet! As you might’ve noticed, we’re now on the final milestone in the roadmap, with a final content update coming soon. We’ll have more news about that soon – keep your eyes peeled!   We also wanted to take a minute to tell you that Wildfrost is OUT NOW on iOS and Android for all your iddy […]

Announcing Wildfrost coming to iOS and Android!

You asked, we listened! Wildfrost will be coming to iOS and Android April 11th for all your iddy biddy Big Berry needs. Now, you can chase the W from wherever you are, and you don’t have to pause just because you left the house! As of midnight local time, you’ll be able to pre-order Wildfrost on the iOS App Store so that the game automatically downloads to your device on launch day. We’re trying out a cool ‘try before you buy’ model, which means you can play up until you beat the first boss for free – sort of like […]