Eastward: Spanish and German Language update available now!

We have awesome news! 🤩 The Spanish and German localisation patch is available now! Everyone who has bought the game (digital or in physical edition) will be able to update it to receive Spanish and German as a language option. ⚠️But remember: you MUST UPDATE YOUR GAME to get the patch! A big thanks here for the hard work of the Pixpil development team and localisation partners at Riotloc for working their best to bring this patch to players as quickly as possible! As you may know, since March we have been facing a frustrating delay with the German & […]

Chucklefish Steam Summer Sale 2022 is ready for you!

*Wenomechainsama* (We cannot let this meme die, please!) Summer has arrived and it comes with one of the best times of the year: The Steam Summer Sale full of fresh discounts for you! 💦 Oh wait… you don’t live in the northern hemisphere? Don’t worry, you can enjoy (and transform) these not-so-fresh discounts into cozy and warm ones for you too! 🧣 This year, our Steam Summer Sale has the top-of-the-top Chucklefish games, so you can save up to 80% (EIGHTY!!! 🗣️🗣️🗣️) from June 23rd to July 7th. Grab your swimsuit (or your blanket) and get ready to dive in: […]

Chucklefish 11th Anniversary Steam Publisher Sale!

The chuckling orange fish is getting older! It’s time to celebrate our 11th birthday at Chucklefish with our community! CEEEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! 🎉 *let’s celebrate* (Now you will be singing this along all day just like us! :P) To celebrate our anniversary we’re having our *clears throat* very own publisher sale on Steam! The sale is happening between June 2nd-6th with huge discounts in all (ALL!) Chucklefish titles, so you will have the chance to enjoy our price cut in titles you haven’t played yet (or share some love with friends sending our games as a gift on […]