Summer Update! v1.2.7, Mod Support, Merchandise & More

Hey Strategy Fans! Wargroove 1.2.7 is here! Arriving with mod support, balancing updates and bug fixes, this update is a chunky one. Balancing Updates We noticed some Commanders were becoming too dominant due to how quickly their Tier 2 Grooves could be charged. To address this, we’re trying out some slower charge times for Emeric and Wulfar. Emeric now has a slow charge time, and Wulfar has been changed to a medium charge time. We also found Valder’s Tier 2 was a little too powerful for our liking. Instead of double damage, we have now decreased damage to 1.5x to […]

Friends and Foes 1.2.0 Update OUT NOW!

A whole new host of trusty companions and curious critters to try out! What’s up Wildfrost fans! We’re incredibly excited to announce that the final content update ‘Friends and Foes’ is now available! This is our biggest content update ever, so we hope you like all the new characters, charms, challenges and items. Wildfrost X Balatro Before we dive in, we want to let you know that Wildfrost is currently 30% off on Steam! Plus, we’ve teamed up with the awesome folks at Playstack and the incredible LocalThunk to bring you the ‘Kind of a Big Deal Bundle’. You can […]

Wargroove 1+2 Physical Edition for Nintendo Switch OUT NOW!!

SRG#112: Wargroove 1 + 2 (Switch) The very, very limited collector’s edition of Wargroove 1+2 for the Nintendo Switch is AVAILABLE NOW!! In collaboration with the wonderful guys at Robotality and Super Rare Games, we’ve produced a COMPLETE COLLECTION of these two critically acclaimed turn-based tactics classics for you to treasure.🏴‍☠️ Wargroove 1+2 Physical Nintendo Switch Edition invades today with: Unique Box Art featuring original artwork by Lucas “Midio” Tafuri. Region-free cart of Wargroove, it’s DLC Double Trouble, & Wargroove 2 2 Sets of Wargroove Trading Cards 2 Exclusive Wargroove Stickers 1 Exclusive Wargroove Postcard Available NOW on the Super […]