From Sketch to Screen: Eastward’s Design Works Artbook by Lost in Cult!

We’ve got exciting news for you all! Introducing the Eastward: Design Works‘ collection, including music, prints and a stunning 250-page masterpiece of an artbook, all created in collaboration with our pals from Lost in Cult. This exclusive artbook is a treasure trove of creativity, featuring never-before-seen artwork, thought-provoking analysis, and insightful interviews with the brilliant minds behind Eastward (our friends from Pixpil and Joel Corelitz).

Eastward: Design Works” takes you on a journey from sketch to screen, unravelling the mysteries of Pixpil’s pixel-perfect art and development process of this pixel-perfect indie darling. Explore the influences, design philosophies, and intricate details that breathe life into the game in 2 different options:


The Standard Edition of the Eastward: Design Works book is ideal for the casual fan, general artbook collector, or gaming culture observer.

Approx. 250+ pages tell the story of Eastward’s development, from sketch to screen, with concept art, sketches, breathtaking visuals, and design work in every single page.

Delve into the stunning locales and the historical contexts behind them. Unravel the influences behind Eastward from inside and outside of video games. Dive into the marketing approach from announcement to release, and identify the hidden messages and roaring reveals that marked Eastward’s grand unveiling and release. Explore the local cuisine found in each in-game location, analyse the characterisation of your favourite characters, and plunge into the in-house game engine used for development.

We leave no stone unturned in Eastward: Design Works – even exploring the upcoming Etopia DLC. There truly is nothing quite as extensive as Design Works – this is true preservation of video game culture.

NEW DAM CITY DELUXE EDITION – Campaign Exclusive, £119.99 RRP

The ultimate, deluxe edition of Eastward: Design Works, presented in the way we feel is best deserving of this incredible game and the story behind it – available exclusively during our timed campaign.

This version features a spot gloss hardcover cover, a made-to-measure slipcase, and unique outer box, with quality design befitting any adventurer’s bookshelf or coffee table.

Also included is an exclusive Earth Born zine – exploring the artistry and design of the surprisingly rich playable in-game curio that serves as a cultural cornerstone for the characters of Eastward, itself inspired by JRPGs like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, and Earthbound.

The New Dam City Deluxe Edition also features high-quality art prints, featuring never-before-printed artwork from Pixpil’s archive, as well as a fold-out A3 poster, 4 exclusive enamel pin badges, and a bookmark based on the iconic fridge from Eastward.

Lastly, a set of recipe cards will allow you to bring the richness of Eastward into the real world. Make dishes inspired by those from the game to share with your family and friends. We’ll taste-test the dishes prior to launch to ensure they’ll be delicious versions of in-game meals. Of course, if you’re not much of a cook, these will still be beautifully-designed trinkets to keep or display in your Eastward collection.

As a bonus, the first 500 copies of New Dam City Deluxe Edition will include an exclusive bookplate attached to the inside cover, signed by the development team at Pixpil.


Signed Campaign Exclusive Yellow, Limited to 1000 Copies

This very limited edition vinyl comes in a striking 12” environmentally-friendly yellow Biovinyl with official character art, and includes the full Eastward: Octopia soundtrack as well as two additional bonus lost tracks from composer Joel Corelitz that aren’t included in the final DLC. Each of the 1000 copies also come with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Joel Corelitz!

We haven’t forgotten about you track skippers! This CD provides the same musical selection as the vinyl, including the unreleased tracks, but in a jewel-case CD offering.

For those that like to rewind after a hard day, this cassette option offers the same musical selection, but in a wonderfully retro cassette form for nostalgic portable listening.

For fans of the original soundtrack, we’re also thrilled to offer the complete and unabridged original Eastward OST in a beautiful yellow double-cassette – the biggest physical release of the Eastward soundtrack available anywhere! This exclusive musical curio also comes with two previously unreleased tracks from Joel Corelitz from the original game that can’t be heard anywhere else!


The entire soundtrack collection, including the Octopia vinyl, CD, cassette, and the double Eastward cassette, for a saving of £16! Also available in two other handy soundtrack bundles, so you can grab everything you want without the fuss.

Lastly, to round off the collection, we’re releasing a series of high-quality A3 art prints. These large prints use Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm stock, which has a tactile feel and fine surface texture, providing excellent reproduction of colour and detail, with deep blacks and optimum contrasts. These are high-end, gallery quality, archival tier prints one one of the best papers in the world, used by serious art print aficionados. These are separate add-ons from what you’ll find in the New Dam City Deluxe book.

Dive deep into the enchanting world of Eastward and its beloved characters, but it’s now or never: the Eastward Design Works is a limited-time project, meaning you have only 60 days to grab yours, ending on Jan 23rd.
This is your unique chance to own a piece of Eastward magic with exclusive content. If you’re an Eastward aficionado, this artbook is a must-have.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of Eastward history, brought to you by the superior craftsmanship of the Lost in Cult team.
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We appreciate all your support in this project. 💛
– Chucklefish team