We’re super excited to be returning for this year’s Steam Game Festival!

From June 16th – 22nd you’ll have the opportunity to play demos from our upcoming releases INMOST and Starmancer. This is such a fun event and we wanted to give you the chance to try them out, learn more, give feedback, ask questions, and wishlist!

Not only will there be 5 days of action-packed content, completely free over on your Steam browser, but you’ll also have the chance to join in with Q&As with the developers of Starmancer and INMOST over on our Discord. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Developers: Ominux Games
Q&A: Friday 19th June at 19.00 BST / 21.00 MSK / 11.00 PDT / 14.00 EDT / 20.00 CST
Socials: Twitter, Discord

Obey protocol or go rogue as you take on the role of a powerful A.I. in Starmancer. Build bustling space ports, secret laboratories, and ethically ambiguous human farms. Defend against starvation, sabotage, and space cannibals. Don’t worry… you can always grow more humans.
Starmancer offers gameplay with consequences, a living sandbox environment, crafting, and managing the daily lives of colonists.
Create a utopian society where everyone is well fed, happy, and safe. Or go rogue and figure out how many times a colonist can eat wheat before they go crazy. Play however you want.

Developers: Hidden Layer Games
Q&A: Wednesday 17th June at 19.00 BST / 21.00 MSK / 11.00 PDT / 14.00 EDT / 20.00 CST
Socials: Twitter

Escape the depths of an otherworldly labyrinth, in this cinematic puzzle platformer. Explore a hauntingly beautiful pixel art world, with three playable characters, in one dark, interconnected story… 
INMOST, by Lithuania-based indie studio Hidden Layer Games, is an emotional and deeply atmospheric narrative-driven puzzle platformer. Uncover the story of an adventurous young girl, a stoic knight and a man in search of answers. 
Explore a crumbling, nightmarish landscape, slice through enemies, and spring deadly traps in order to escape the evil that awaits…

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Stay home, play games, be safe!

– Your friendly neighbourhood Chucklefish