Multiplayer Arrives in the Valley!

A free Stardew Valley update is available on Nintendo Switch from today (December 12th)!

With it comes new exciting features, such as an online Multiplayer mode! Invite 1-3 friends to join you in the valley and work together on your farm, either starting from scratch or diving in from an existing single player save file.


Each player will have their own Cabin on the farm, and you’ll be able to work together to achieve common goals such as farming, mining, fishing, foraging and festival participation! If you want to ‘ban’ a troublesome player who keeps eating your parsnips, you can simply demolish their Cabin.

If you’d like to change the difficulty level of your collective farm, you can achieve this by scaling your profit margins. For those of you wondering how marriage might work, players can choose to woo the eligible folks of Pelican Town or craft a wedding ring to propose to a fellow player. If the other player accepts the ring, the couple becomes engaged!


Online play with friends requires a Nintendo Switch Online account, but you can also play together with friends nearby via local communications using 2-4 Nintendo Switch consoles over a short distance, without the need for a Nintendo Switch Online account. You’ll be able to communicate with the other players on your farm using Nintendo Switch online voice chat features, or the new built-in chat box.


For those of you looking for new Single Player content, there’s plenty on offer in today’s update for you to discover! Here’s a snippet of what to expect without getting too spoilery:

  • For 3 days in Winter you’ll be able to visit a traveling festival called the Night Market, which will visit Pelican Town. Here farmers can come and go as they please to purchase unique items, enjoy live entertainment and more!
  • There are now new character events to encounter, including some secret events triggered by certain conditions… Some of these even grant you permanent bonuses.
  • In Winter, farmers may encounter a strange event which activates a new ‘secret’ type of collection, leading to a new adventure and greater knowledge…
  • Your horse can now wear hats and Signs are now craftable items, available to you from the beginning of the game.
  • Much more to be discovered!


To see the full changelogs of this update visit the Stardew Valley Official Wiki and if you spot any bugs do let us know by flagging on the Community Forums.

Developer ConcernedApe, Chucklefish programmer Tom Coxon and the porting team at Sickhead Games have all been working hard to bring this update to players on the Nintendo Switch, so we hope you’ll enjoy farming together!