Job Openings @ Heart Forth, Alicia

Alonso Martin is looking for a few talented artists to work on Heart Forth, Alicia! Heart Forth, Alicia’s 32-bit/Playstation era art style is already well-established, so we need an artist with the ability to emulate the existing sprite style and animations. Creativity and input are welcome, and we have no problem with our artist flexing the style a bit and coming up with their own designs. We’ve got openings for the following roles: Environment Artist / Spriter experienced pixel artist paid contract remote work minimum 5 years experience in similar role ability to match HFA’s existing style job includes 5 or 6 […]

Halfway modding tools released! Create & share your own stories.

Hey everyone! Finally, we’ve released the modding tools for Halfway on Steam and Humble. To celebrate this milestone, we decided to have a 25% sale for one week on Steam, Humble and on our Humble-Widget. If you still haven’t bought the game, now would be a good time. As a small thank you to our existing players, we’ve decided to add a “Game Mode ++” to the game. This is an extra hard version of the original game with some new challenges and some tougher enemies for all of you who finished the game already. If you are looking for a […]

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Wanderlust Adventures Hype!

Note: This is a guest post from Yeti Trunk– developers of Wanderlust: Rebirth and Wanderlust Adventures! Occasionally developers of games we publish use this space for big exciting news. 🙂 We posted a humongous update on our blog because WE HAVE BEEN BUSY! Action Combat + Open World Adventuring + Online Co-op = Wanderlust Adventures! In this update we discuss… The trailer… “We spent a good week working closely with Power Up Audio and Chris Christodoulou to produce our reveal trailer for WA. We are super excited with the trailer and we feel it does a great job of summarizing the WA experience! It […]