Chucklefish 11th Anniversary Steam Publisher Sale!

The chuckling orange fish is getting older! It’s time to celebrate our 11th birthday at Chucklefish with our community! CEEEEEELEBRATE GOOD TIMES, COME ON! 🎉 *let’s celebrate* (Now you will be singing this along all day just like us! :P) To celebrate our anniversary we’re having our *clears throat* very own publisher sale on Steam! The sale is happening between June 2nd-6th with huge discounts in all (ALL!) Chucklefish titles, so you will have the chance to enjoy our price cut in titles you haven’t played yet (or share some love with friends sending our games as a gift on […]

Eastward: Switch Retail Version OUT NOW!

It’s time to grab your 🍳frying pan🍳: ‘cause the physical (standard) retail release of Eastward on Nintendo Switch is OUT NOW! Developed by Pixpil (with the physical version produced by iam8bit), the Switch (Standard) Physical Edition includes a chibi sticker sheet as a bonus. (So you can spread your love about your favorite characters wherever you want!) For our players in the US, you can grab the physical edition copy online at Amazon, Best Buy, Target or Walmart. For our European community – check out the full store links below for stockists in different countries: [🇬🇧UK] The Game Collection […]

Announcing Wildfrost – a tactical roguelike deckbuilder!

Hi everyone! We’re incredibly excited to reveal Wildfrost, a single-player roguelike card game set in a frosty world. The team here at Chucklefish have already been sinking hundreds of hours into Wildfrost’s equally charming and challenging runs (especially one very addicted team member!), so we can’t wait for you all to get swept up in the snowstorm later this year ❄ Check out the trailer we just revealed as part of Nintendo’s Indie World Showcase: What’s a Wildfrost? In Wildfrost the world has plunged into a deep winter – even the Sun has frozen over! With each run, you’ll be battling […]

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