Eastward is coming to Nintendo Switch!

Hey folks! As you may have seen from Nintendo’s Indie World livestream, Eastward will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop in 2020!  The Nintendo Switch felt like such a natural fit for Eastward and we couldn’t be more proud to showcase Pixpil’s beautiful game on there.  If you’ve just heard about the game, Eastward is a single-player adventure game, set in a beautifully detailed decaying world, where society is starting to collapse as the human population shrinks to an all-time low.  As the world around falls to ruin, you play as a hardworking digger John, who must guide a […]

The Chucklefish Steam Summer Sale is here!

Summer is here, and so are those ever-so-tasty Steam sales! We’ve got plenty of awesome Chucklefish games on offer, so get ready to dive in: Starbound by Chucklefish (featuring the new 1.4 Bounty Hunter update) – 35% off Wargroove by Chucklefish – 33% off Timespinner by Lunar Ray Games – 30% off Pocket Rumble by Cardboard Robot – 20% off Treasure Adventure World by Robit Games – 65% off Halfway by Robotality – 60% off For the Summer Sale, Steam are also running a fun interactive event called the Grand Prix. Steam users can choose a team, and then play […]

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Starmancer at E3 2019!

Hello everyone! We’re excited to share that Starmancer, developed by Ominux Games, was featured today at today’s E3 2019 PC Gamer Show where a new trailer was shared! Take a look After a catastrophe on Earth, humanity launches the Starmancer Initiative in a desperate attempt to seek refuge among the stars. Millions of refugees upload their consciousness into your memory banks–entrusting their minds and the future of the human race to an Artificial Intelligence, a Starmancer. To you. Your task as a Starmancer is to construct and manage a space station capable of sustaining human life, regrow bodies for the […]